Road Trip 2016 – Day 10 (riding day 10 anyway)

New tracker link here – I’ve updated this link to show both my -9 and -5 call signs (from the VHF radio and Android, respectively)

After a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend at my friend Glen’s house on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, today marks the official start westbound again.

Sunrise on the shore this morning


The first “official” stop of the day was to be Sunrise Cycles in Norfolk for a new pair of tires and some fresh oil for the bike.  But, I left early so that I’d have time to make a couple of stops along the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel


Panorama – click image to open


Northern channel high span bridges


Breezy day today, but no wind restrictions like yesterday


ID your ships


Looking north from the # 1 island at Thimble Shoals

The container vessel Hanoi Bridge passing over the Thimble Shoals tunnel on her way to Savannah.  How did I know that?   The Marine Traffic app. (thank you Glen.)

Then it was off to Norfolk for some new sneakers for the Connie, plus some new dinosaur juice in the crankcase.

connie-front connie-rear

The guys in the shop got me back on the road in about 2-1/2 hours.  I took nearly another hour just to get out of Norfolk and Hampton, but it was mid-day on a Monday, so what did I expect?

I cut the day kind of short and am sitting this evening in Lexington, Virginia.  I’m going to try for St. Louis tomorrow.  I’ve decided to bee-line it for home starting tomorrow.  The only sightseeing planned is whatever I happen to stumble across on the way.  Tomorrow will be a push day and there may be one more of those, but not all week.  Ideally, I’d like to roll in to Portland on Saturday evening.  We’ll see.

Track the Trip  <– This link takes you to my Amateur Radio call sign on (updated, now shows both radio and Android trackers).  I’m traveling with an APRS enabled handheld radio which periodically transmits my GPS location, speed and heading.  Standard disclaimer – the system relies on a network of club and privately owned digital Amateur Radio stations.  The overall success of the tracking is dependent on a whole list of factors, including the fact that these stations don’t exist everywhere I’ll be riding and it’s all done on VHF radio frequencies.  When it works it works, when it doesn’t it doesn’t.

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